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6 Additional High Yielding Stocks For Income Investors

Income investors need high dividend paying stocks. That's difficult because the monetary easing policy lifted stocks into new valuation levels and destroyed all safe yields.

Recently, I've introduced 6 stocks that pay a yield of 5 percent or more. Today I would like to enlarge this selection of stocks by addtion 6 companies.

If you’re looking for individual shares that pay 4% (or slightly more or less, depending on market swings), their list is rich with suggestions. Unlike other dividend-fund managers who emphasize long-term dividend growth, you should take a look at my today's screen.

Today I would continue to present high yielding shares, also a few names from abroad. These are my results. Which do you like?

6 Additional top picks with high yields to consider are....


The Highest Yielding Picks From Goldman Sachs 40 Cheapest Stocks List

The big guys and professionals must know it better because they spent more time and money on their research. As a result from its work, Goldman Sachs recently announced a list with the cheapest stocks investors should consider.

The firm has analysts who are highly ranked, as well as some who are ranked behind their analyst peers. Still, Goldman Sachs only caters to wealthy individuals and to institutional investors. 

Now the firm has released its list of “cheapest stocks” right now. This list is based solely upon the projected upside to the firm’s price target versus the current share price.

I don't care much of those lists because they are so long that I get tears in my eyes. Below are the highest yielding picks from Goldman's cheapest stocks list. Which do you like?


These 6 Great Dividend Stocks Paying You 5% Or More

Do you remember times when you get 5 percent on your savings? Those were great times but now we receive nothing for putting money into banks but still have a risk.

Dividend stocks rose and yields from the high-quality payer also come down but there are still a few names with solid dividends, cash payments above 5 percent.

When choosing high-dividend stocks over bonds you have a little more volatility to contend with and stock dividends can be cut by a company’s board of directors with no warning and with no legal liability.

Today, I like to show you 6 top dividend stocks with high yields and solid fundamentals. Which do you like?

These are the results...


Maybe The 3 Most Undervalued High-Quality Dividend Stocks

Stock prices go up and down in a very short period of time. A gain of someone is also a loss for a different person or group.

There are times in which investors are greedy and there are times on which they are fearful and sell assets below their fair or intrinsic value.

The stock market is giving opportunistic investors an opportunity to load up on these well-known blue-chip stocks at attractive prices.

There are three high-quality dividend stocks that have seen their share prices fall 10% or more in the last 12 months and are worth buying right now to take advantage of the discount.

 Today I like to show you these top picks which have a bad sentiment but true values to offer. These are my results:


5 Dividend Stocks For Long-Term-Investors

Experts suggest that in order to successfully invest for the long term, you need to focus on quality stocks that are stable and predictable, because what works today may not work years or decades from now.

Dividends play an important role within long-term investing. You get steady growth at low volatility, while also receiving dividends that you can use to reinvest in the company for more stock, or acquire new positions.

High-quality stocks as long-term investments is a great strategy especially when they grow, pay and rise dividends over time. Today I like to present 5 dividend paying stocks that may good long-run stocks for normal investors like me.

These are my favorite results:

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